Mobile application that connects you with a different opponents, motivates and gives the true spirit of competition.


Hanker users from all over the world will get an opportunity:

- to compete against each other in the most popular individual competitions
  like running, car racing and cycling
- to communicate with people with the same sport passion and obtain
  valuable connections
- to monitor individual detailed statistics and track global rating - to feel the taste of victory
- to build the lasting motivation

Interactive map

We use interactive map that helps easily interact with people, make new connections and accept challenges. For tracking user location we use a smartphone (Android, iOS).
There is no need in a special GPS tracking system. For the user simplicity our app could be easily integrated with a popular trackers like Fitbit, Misfit and wearable devices.

Available categories


Running can assist people in losing weight, staying in shape and improving body composition. Running increases your metabolism.


Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise. You can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and without spending a fortune.

Car racing

Stay calm under pressure, keep yourself focused on the right things, believe in yourself.

How does it work?

Main screen

Choose your opponent wisely or create your own race.


Get ready for the race.

Competetion screen

Track your location and manage to do your best!